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Teaming Up
Teaming Up

Hyper has teamed up with martial arts schools in communities around the world that teach various styles of martial arts. You can learn Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Kenpo and many unique styles of self-defense.

Pro Training
Pro Training

Hyper Pro Training Lessons are 45-minute classes that combine advanced plyometrics, cross training, stretching, high level kicks, acrobatics, tricking and extreme martial arts kicks, forms, and weapons.

Training Camps
Training Camps

Hyper Camps are a fun 1-day or 1-week experience. Expect fun games, challenges, character training, acrobatics, jump kicks, tricking and weapons training. Get motivated, make new friends and more.


Hyper Events and Kicks Challenges are cool martial arts tournaments and contests that are held throughout the year. Ask your trainer which events and contests they participate in.

7 Pro Martial Arts Tips
7 Pro Tips for Martial Arts


How to Choose a Martial Arts School

Find the nearest Hyper Pro Training Location

Make sure the school is an official Hyper Pro Training location. Use the Hyper Martial Arts Pro School locations map to locate and contact an official Hyper Pro Training location near you.

Go Online

Look on Yelp, YouTube, Facebook and the school’s official website to get an overall feel for the professional brand and experience the school is offering.

Site Walk-Through

Ask the instructor to see the facility and show you the benefits of the location. Look for a clean facility with a nice training floor and equipment.

Friendly Instructors

You want a professional team of instructors who are going to help you become a Martial Arts Athlete and enjoy the experience.

Special Events Calendar

Ask the instructor to see the facility and show you the benefits of the location. Look for a clean facility, nice training floor and equipment.

Watch a Class

If the instructors look sharp, students are enjoying the class and everyone is making progress, you are off to a great start. Watch the class you would be in and also watch an advanced class. The advanced class should look like a team of Martial Arts Athletes.

The Curriculum Experience

Professional schools have a very precise plan for becoming a Martial Arts Athlete and a black belt. Ask the instructor about the black belt experience, what is required for each belt and how long it usually takes.


With over 700 locations worldwide, Hyper training locations offer a variety of martial arts styles, camps and events.
Martial Arts Athlete Trainer


An athlete knows every effort you make gets you closer to your goal. It’s about doing your best and improving over time. That’s the attitude an athlete must have to win.
Martial Arts Athlete Trainer


Being able to listen and focus your thoughts allows you to learn and reach goals faster. This is what gives an athlete the unfair advantage.
Martial Arts Athlete
Martial Arts Athlete Trainer


Athletes train themselves to stay the course, reach their goals and cross the finish line. Giving up cannot be in your vocabulary. No matter what.
Martial Arts Athlete Trainer


Athletes inspire others to be a positive force in people’s lives. They value friendship above else. And most of all – take responsibility for their actions.